Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Confidential, Constructive and Inspiring

Energy and You

Confidential, Constructive and Inspiring

Everything is energy and we are energy beings in a physical body. This is so easy to forget in the cut and thrust of life. We get so immersed in our daily challenges that unless we take time out to look at what is going on, we tend to live in a daze. On autopilot.

It is always helpful to have someone who can give us objective feedback. Someone who can look at our energetic creations and suggest how we can get a new perspective and develop different and more effective responses. What are your talents? Your strengths, your challenges? Are you doing what you are meant to be doing?

Are you looking for clarity?

Are you looking for confirmation that you are on the right path?

Do you have health, work or relationship challenges? What is holding you back and what is the master key to your happiness and fulfilment…?

Are you in search of deeper meaning and purpose in life?

Then you would benefit from working with me.

The Personality, Soul, and Personal Reality.

Our personality is made up of our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is our personality that determines our personal reality.

The personality is like the mask we wear to interact on earth. The word personality comes from persona which is mask.

In ancient plays, characters wore a mask to depict who they were playing. When we follow the quiet voice of the soul, we

remain on the right track. Even though we may have challenges, we somehow have a sense of peace.

By finding out what our soul wants us to do we give ourself the best chance in life.

How it works

After you make a booking send me an email with your first name and date of birth and your most pressing question.

I will get back to you in roughly three days (depending on the waiting queue) via email with your reading, indicating your personal qualities, challenges and  strengths that can help you on your journey. I will also look at the issue that you indicated in your question.

The next part of the package is the remote healing. We will agree on a time and day when you will be able to sit or lie quietly, on your own, when I will flood you with energy healing. (This takes around 20 minutes, although most seem to enjoy the sense of calm so much that they remain quiet for longer) The energy helps to reinforce the new you.

Finally I will call you at a mutually appropriate time and answer any questions you might have. (20 Minutes)

How I work

I prepare for a reading by meditating and quieting my mind. My intention is to be as  still as possible, and to sense what is going on. I then receive information regarding your question, in the form of images and inner dialogue.

My Promise

No intuitive is a 100 per cent accurate. For that matter, no professional accountant, doctor, nurse, stock broker etc is a hundred per cent accurate all the time. However, I do guarantee to make sure my preparation is excellent and that I will not do a reading until I have reached a state of inner quietude, that enables me to access information to help you.


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