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Intuitive Coaching/ Healing

Mayfair, London and
Remote work

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Intuitive Reading in Mayfair

Ever wonder why you are here?
What you are here to do?
Feeling stuck?

An Intuitive coaching session, looks at your abilities, qualities and the challenges you face.

We look at your situation--today and just how you may move forward with confidence, and happiness.

What challenges do you face at work, in your relationships and health? Now, in the heart of London, you can have an intuitive coaching and healing session in Mayfair, or remotely given the current situation and wherever you live in the world.

How can you rediscover contentment, happiness and joy?

An Intuitive coaching session in my Mayfair office and online, looks at your numeric pattern and and suggests inner exercises to help you balance your energy field, and get the most out of life and living.

Simply email your first name and date of birth and one question that is critical for you to resolve at this time. You will then be emailed a time and day for a call to discuss the issue. If you then feel that you would like to set up some sessions of intuitive coaching, remotely, we can arrange it.

Intuitive Coaching in Central London and Online

Feeling blocked and wondering how to bring more of the qualities of the Soul into your life? Qualities such as happiness, a sense of expansiveness, well being and joy?

Are you looking for a plan of action to get you to where you want to be?

Are relationships, intimate or general causing a strain in your life, and are you looking for a way to remedy the situation?

Is a health challenge causing stress and do you want support to enhance your sense of well being? Then you will find Intuitive coaching in Central London very helpful, inspiring and reassuring.

Using original tools for each client, based on the client's preferences and goals, Duncan may draw upon meditation, auric healing, breathing, visualisation, affirmations, or other effective approaches to enable peace of mind and a sense of hope for the future.

Energy Healing in Marylebone or Online

Have an energy healing session in Marylebone or remotely. I work a few inches away from your body, balancing and restoring your energy field. You will leave the session feeling rested and restored. Many clients have regular weekly sessions, using the time to have a break from the challenges of daily living. So if you want to maintain and restore your well being, book an Energy Healing session in Marylebone or distant healing which also has palpable effects.

Duncan does not guarantee that you will experience results in any given time frame. He does not claim to treat or diagnose any particular medical condition. Whilst many have experienced major change through working with him, he cannot guarantee that everybody without exception will. His approach is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice.

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