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New Body: Positive Visualisation

We have 50 to 70 trillion cells and they are constantly dying and being replaced. So, for example, the stomach lining  can rebuild itself in 5 days, and  our red blood cells live for about 4 months.  So if our cells are constantly dying and being replaced why then don’t we see dramatic changes in our life?  Simply because the memory of the cells is still the same. The new cells merely replicate the memory of the dying cells.

However, there is something we can do about it. Suppose you have a bad back, or pains in your hands? Or your lungs are not functioning as they should. You might have a tumour. (of course  you must consult a doctor for any serious illness, and use this visualisation to bolster and support any medication or advice given to you) Then, simply do this exercise for a few minutes several times a day. Many who do it find that they enjoy it to such an extent that they extend the amount of time they spend on it. So here we go:

Find yourself a quiet place. Sit up or lie down whichever is more comfortable Always make sure to breathe out well. The out breath relaxes the heart and enhances the depth of  relaxation you reach. Close your eyes….feel your body letting go, your shoulders release and seem to  lower, your breathing travels all the way, right into your belly, your out breath is long and eliminates all the stagnant, stale air in your lungs…then visualise the diseased or painful part…gently will it to recover…hold the image of it recovering in your mind’s eye…see it in the process of recovery and then fully recovered. Imagine how you would feel when it is fully recovered. How would you walk? How would you relate to others? How would you hold yourself? What impact would it have on your life? Repeat this exercise whenever you wish…. at first it may seem that nothing is happening…however your body will start to record and memorise the new state, and slowly, gradually, your brain will believe how your body feels and you will notice a huge change. Persevere and enjoy. Simple as this exercise might seem, it is extremely effective and has changed lives.


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