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All living beings have a personal aura. And like fish in the ocean, we are immersed in the Universal aura.

Great Beings such as Buddha, Jesus (and contemporary seers), had very large auras when on earth in their physical bodies. The more evolved a person, the larger and more coherent the aura. Such Beings have become so inclusive and loving that their personal aura has merged with the Universal aura. You cannot tell where they stop and where the universal aura begins. They are so at one with Cosmic intelligence that their personal self has dissolved and harmonised with the universal aura.

The ability to be inclusive, to feel part of everything is the hallmark of evolution. Where there is separation, a feeling of superiority and an overbearing sense of self-importance, there is a lack of development: consequently a smaller, shrivelled auric space.

Our journey on earth involves getting to know the limitations and contents of our personal aura and understanding its role in helping us evolve into the spiritual beings we are destined to become. In other words, the more aware we are of our strengths and weaknesses, the more sense we make of our space.

The personal aura contains our life experience in the form of shapes, pictures and emotional seeds that can be aroused when under stimulus. It is full of information. Our attitude, hopes and fears and potential for growth are all there. Evolution begins when we start to become aware of the life swirling around us, in our field, and shining the light of consciousness onto this life. Slowly we replace that which is hampering our growth with vibrant new energy.

It is not by chance that ancient civilisations represented wisdom of the highest kind by painting halos over saints' heads, or placing gold crowns over the heads of royalty. Royal rulers were expected to show wisdom in the decisions they made for their subjects. When gold appears in the aura, over the top of the head of an individual, it signifies that they have transmuted their base metals (selfish traits) into precious gold.

Much can be known by the size of the aura, its brightness, vibrancy, and colours

Inclusiveness, love and altruism expand the aura. However a large aura can also belong to a megalomaniac who uses the aura (usually unconsciously) to sway crowds and repress others. Or, you might find stage actors with large auras as they involve the audience in the depiction of their character. But once off the stage, they revert back to their original auric space.

So, most important of all is to have a coherent aura. No point in a large aura if it is messy, dirty or chaotic. Better to have an aura that is harmonious that does not cause problems and create havoc. A coherent aura is one that is congruent. There is harmony between thoughts, emotions and actions. This is the congruence that great achievers manifest. Be they spiritual, business oriented or sports people. When an achiever sets a goal, she succeeds because her heart, mind and actions are all in accord. A sure way to fail is to want one thing with our heart but not follow up with actions that would support our desire. It is this lack of congruence that makes the aura feel discordant and out of harmony.

We can experiment with our emotions and mind, to sense the impact on our aura. For example, decide to follow a meditative approach, an approach such as loving kindness meditation. This involves sending good thoughts and sentiments to our body, then to a loved one, someone we feel neutral about, a person we have a problems with, then the community as a whole. Do this for a week at least, consistently, and notice the difference. See how you feel, and get a sense of how the space around you feels. You will definitely notice a difference like most of the people I know who have done this.

Another experiment we can explore is to focus on different colours of the spectrum. So for example spend a day visualising, sensing and absorbing the Green ray...see how that impacts you. Then check to see if you have a favourite colour or one that you feel uncomfortable with. All these reactions reveal information about our inner psyche and the areas of growth that we might want to explore.

The aura is indeed a world waiting for us....

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