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Remote Energy Healing

To heal is to make whole. The aim of energy healing is to balance mind, body and spirit. The demands and challenges of everyday life can throw us off balance. If this imbalance continues over a period, it can lead to us feeling constantly tired, uninspired and dispirited. At its worst, it can lead to illness. Duncan has studied various types of healing, including Colour healing, Reconnection healing, Reiki and Energy healing.

How does it work?

We choose a date and a time to ‘hook up’. Duncan will ask for a recent photo via email. At the agreed time, you are asked to lie down for about 20 minutes. At the same time, Duncan will be resonating with the healing, restorative energy and it will impact your energy system.

How will I feel?

Most find it very relaxing. Some fall asleep and feel dreamy. Others feel strong and ready to go. It affects people differently. Some may not notice anything until later. Others have an unexpected insight, or feel unusually peaceful.

Does it work at a distance?

Research into energy healing confirms that distance is not an obstacle. On an energetic level, we can communicate instantly and effectively. We are all linked energetically so it is not necessary to be physically present to enjoy a powerful healing.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on your general health. Some clients who do not have pressing health challenges ask for a maintenance boost from time to time. Others who have long-standing health challenge may book a series of sessions.

I had an extraordinary tingling sensation, as if I was meditating.” Tatler Magazine