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I’m impressed you were able to delve deep to get an idea of my personality.


I’m amazed at your insights and appreciate them so much.


Thanks for the reading. It made me see my situation in a new light. Most of the things you mentioned are so spot-on.


Thank you for sharing your special abilities with me.


I cannot express enough my gratitude to your reading I am so impressed and this would have to be the best I’ve received.


Thank you for your reading.  It is an accurate picture of how things are at the moment and i am in the midst of making changes to my business.


Thank you so much for this reading! I showed it to my friend and we both agree that you really hit it on the head. I feel that you saying it in words made it easier for me to understand and accept about my way of relationships. You have given me hope for changing my life.


Everything you said about me, was very accurate.


You are very talented and the reading was very good…thank you.


You are exceptional in picking me, my personality and a few of my insecurities – including your interpretation of my ex lover.


I want to say that I’m impressed that you we’re able to correctly identify how I’ve been feeling these last couple of months


Hi Duncan, thank you for your time and effort doing this reading for me. I really appreciated it! It is a very detailed and insightful reading, it does resonate with myself and my situation, so it makes perfect sense to me. And it does help me to get some insight and advice about the matter, it was really a great reading, thank you very much!


You basically held up a mirror so that I could see what is going on with me and the situation. This is enormously helpful to me right now. You accurately described the perfectionist and critical parts of me.


thank you so much i loved your reading the detail how much you knew without telling you nothing more than asking a question, and on top of it the advice,,, hands down best reading I’ve ever gotten excellent job thank you so much   


Thank you so much Duncan. The details of your reading has led me to a great realization of my life and how I’ve gone about it


Thanks for the reading and for adding a little more clarity and positivity into my life.


Thank you so much Duncan for doing an amazing reading for me. I am very impress(ed) how accurate your reading is.


Thank you very much for the Reading. …I honestly felt overwhelmed with how the reading resonated with what I feel deep in my soul. The reading made a lot of sense


I don’t know how to express my gratitude for this reading. It’s like you can read everything about me. I am just speechless. You are amazing and very insightful…I have had other readings in the past and none of them went into as much depth as you did…


Hi Duncan, Thank you for your kind and sensitive approach, you are also very accurate psychically 


You read me so well and accurately….. Overall, I loved the reading. It was interesting, amazing and great to read


I am impressed with the accuracy of your reading. I have never had a reading performed before but am glad I did so this time


Everything you said connected very strongly with me, and I found it shocking how you pin-pointed so many aspects of me.