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The Big Secret

Human beings are gregarious and social. We have always done things collectively. And in the past we always had at least one individual, whether it was the priest, the guru or the witch who we regarded as an authority. Someone who could guide and advise us. There is no doubt that we can always learn something, from virtually everyone. Even children. There is however, a big secret that we will all have to face eventually. There comes a time in our evolution when we have to do it ourselves. We have to find the inner strength to look and learn from within. Genuine spiritual teachers are like signposts along the way. They point us in the right direction.

And however great the spiritual teacher may be, he or she cannot eat or drink for us. When it comes to building a relationship with Cosmic Intelligence, the Universe or God we have to do the work. We have to walk the walk and talk the talk. And, after we have achieved a degree of Self consciousness, we will still have dealings with others, but the quality and tone of such interactions will be different. We realise that we are related, all part of the whole. We experience the world and the universe as an integral part of ourselves. Our consciousness is expanding and continues to expand. We feel limitless.

The paradox of all this, is that we have spent much of our life and even previous lifetimes, looking outside of ourselves for that happiness and fulfilment. Eventually, after many incarnations we finally realise that, that which we are seeking, has always been inside of us.

Our personality self, the part of us we ‘wear’ when we come to earth is just a minuscule part. We are so much more than our body, emotions and ideas. We realise that beyond these, beyond our name, family, race, sex….we are spacious, expansive and knowing beings. When we reach this knowingness, we lose any sense of separation that we might have had. We have a new found sense that, we are part of each other. We are so immersed in this sea of knowingness, that we experience ourselves as so much bigger and vaster. We lose the ability to knowingly hurt others. To do so would be like self inflicted torture. We feel so much part of everything around us, the other kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, human and beyond…..that we begin to experience an inexplicable joy a strange communion.

Every single one of us is destined to ‘come home’, to experience our true self. It’s just a question of time…And we can always get help along the way.


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