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The Personal Aura: Broadcasting and Receiving

The aura or atmosphere around our body is like the skin of our invisible bodies. Our auric field is constantly interacting with our environment. We sense and receive information from others and we in turn influence our world through the aura. It is an extremely important instrument and by sensing it in the people we meet, we get to know the real person beyond the personas and masks they wear.

The aura is the ‘Robe of many colours’. Constantly moving and changing as the environment influences us, or as we allow the surroundings to impose on us. The auric space is of crucial importance to our health and happiness. If we want to receive the best from our world and if we want to influence for the better, then the aura is the instrument to use to go about it. We already use the aura daily, whether we realise it or not.  Through the aura we are broadcasting who we are, our beliefs, our innermost thoughts. Those around us, even animals and other sentient beings are picking up our programmes.

So it is crucial to become more aware of our own auric space. Ideally. it should be egg shaped. Are we like Humpty Dumpty? His head was far bigger than his body so he kept falling down! He was top heavy. Then you get others who are so focused on moving, doing things, being active that they lack any insight or introspection. What about your left and right side? You might find that you favour one side more than the other. You might sense that the energy seems stronger on the right side of the body than the left. For balance and harmony, both sides need to be equal. How about the energy in front of your body compared to the energy at the back? Are you domineering, constantly moving forward on a quest to get things done? Extrovert and not frightened to speak your mind? Or are you the more shy and retiring type that holds back? Your back area of the auric space would be stronger.


The larger the aura, the more influence we have on the world. Spiritual adepts are able to protect and nourish an area by expanding their aura and energetically nurturing and protecting all sentient being there. However, megalomaniacs can also have large auras. They are able to sway with their oratorical skills. Their currency is emotion. They are able to push people to behave in a harmful manner.

Quality Speaks Volumes

There is no point in having a large aura if we then become oversensitive and empathetic that we find it difficult to manage in life.  Making sure to create a still, peaceful welcoming space around us is a surefire way to attract the blessings, not only of invisible beings but also that of the people around us.

Exercise in Aura maintenance

There is a way to work on our atmosphere that will help us on our journey in life.

This is a short imaginative exercise that may become so pleasant that you increase the amount of time you spend on it. It may take a while before you realise how much you enjoy it.  In the beginning, just ten minutes is fine.

Sit down comfortably. Breathe OUT well. This automatically relaxes the heart and you will find it easier to quieten the mind.

Now, become aware of your body. Notice if you have any tension..just look at the area that is tense, look at it with kindness, you may find that after a while, just the fact that you are watching will suffice to release tension. Feel yourself literally letting go. Now begin to sense around the body. Just a few inches around the bottom of your feet, then above the head, the left, and the right….now Breathe in, imaging light going from below the feet, up the back of the body, over the head and down in front of the body below the feet. Sense the energy as being very benevolent and kind. Do this seven times, each time going further away from the body.

Then the sides of the body. Again, sense, imagine energy just below the feet and then the presence or energy, travelling up the right side, above the head and then over the left side  and below the feet. Do this seven times, going a little further away from the body each time.

With practice you begin to sense your auric egg. This is your Personal aura. In time you may feel inclined to expand further and further and dissolve into the Universal aura. This indicates that you have grown as a person and are becoming more universal.

Imagination is Power

Many of us underestimate the power of the imagination. It was imagination that led to many scientific discoveries, to creative insights, to physical changes…you could say that what whatever we imagine consistently, eventually takes form in the physical. When we imagine a beautiful atmosphere an attractive atmosphere  around us, it soon becomes tangible. People sense it. It draws people to us. It has a practical and palpable impact on our world. And that is how our imagination becomes real.

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