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What Colour are You?


Colour has a huge impact on us, whether we realise it or not. Colour rays are a vibration that we sense, be it consciously or  unconsciously. An experiment was done with blind children who were put in a red room. The colour red increased their blood pressure just as it increased that of the sighted children. Even though they could not see the colour, nevertheless it still had an impact on their physiology.

Our language incorporates  the psychological qualities of colour, that goes back  a long way. The ancients, were able to see and sense colour in the aura and thought forms. We have largely lost this ability to see the subtle side of things. Cosmic Intelligence had plans for us to develop our intellect and our ability to analyse. As a result, we lost some of our sensitivity. However we can relearn to sense colour by stopping our analytical mind from influencing our perception. Artists in the past, painted a golden halo over the top of the head of saints. They could see that the person had transmuted themselves, through their way of life and their sense of the sacred, to pure Gold. So a golden nimbus was shown at the top of the subject’s head.

Most of us have a favourite colour or colours as well as colours that repel us.

The different colours have qualities that can be invoked to help us in our daily life. So, for example, if we have a busy day ahead, and need to be energetic and full of vim, we can call upon the Red Ray to help us. (more on how to do this later)

If we need to socialise and ‘digest’ different thoughts and people, if we have a social gathering or work do to go to, we are going to meet different people with varied viewpoints. The orange ray will enable us to integrate the differing and diverse people with their various views. It supports us in our attempt to be sociable.

Have a report to write? Yellow is your colour that will help you focus and integrate ideas.

Do you have a difficult person to meet? A defensive, aggressive character?Try the open, expansiveness of green is the answer.

Does your work involve helping distraught, traumatised and emotionally abused people? The cool, calmness of blue will give

you a stillness and reassurance that will immediately put them at ease.

Looking for creative ideas? Want to be inspired? Violet can definitely help.


To get onto the wavelength of a colour, we need to feel what it is like to be soaked in that colour. Does it make us agitated? Does it have a sound? A perfume? We each have our own way of experiencing colour. Whatever works for you is fine. Start off by breathing out well, have a good sigh, then get a sense of your chosen colour, breathe in, seeing and feeling this colour. Visualise and feel the colour. If we don’t get a feel of the colour, then it is not going to have much of an impact on our life. We might be good at visualising the colour but unless we feel it and sense it, it is unlikely to remain in our aura, to work for us. It will simply flit in and out. Does the colour have a sound? Does it evoke a perfume? How does it impact different parts of your body? Once you are able to get a sense of the colour, then start to breathe it in and out. Make sure to lengthen your out breath, this relaxes the heart and helps optimise our health whilst capturing the qualities of the colour.


The coat of many colours that so enamoured everyone who met Joseph, was his auric field. He had developed the positive qualities of the colours. Virtues, carry a specific shade, and they out pictured in his beautiful energy field. And whilst people around him had one or two colours of quality, Joseph stood out because he had, over many lifetimes developed many qualities that appeared as different colours in his aura. It made him his father’s favourite son and aroused resentment in his brothers who were bent on destroying him. 

The colours can vary in shade and purity. They represent our evolutionary status and our potential for massive influence in the world. And by working on ourselves we naturally introduce new colours into our field. These colours are qualities and abilities that we draw on, when the need arises in life.


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