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An intuitive reading would specially benefit you if:


You have a decision to make


You feel stuck


You need insight into career, relationships or health


You have a burning question



All of us can benefit from consulting with someone when we have reached stalemate regarding an issue or when we feel unsure of the next best course of action. A reading will not tell you what to do, but it will consider your personal blueprint, life lessons the tarot spread and all possibilities.

A reading is not a future prediction, because we can change the future by doing things differently in the present. This gives us such power to create the kind of life we want.



How to Prepare for a Reading

Readings are emailed to you. It is best to ask the most burning question you have. It does not have to be a long question, just a couple of lines.


Once you have paid for your reading and have had a paypal confirmation, please email your question to me as well as your name and date of birth. Be sure to let me know the month of your birth in words (ie December, January etc) this is to avoid any confusion as certain countries have different numerical order for birth dates. Please email a photograph too, which will be deleted as soon as I finish the reading. I also need to know whether you are right handed or left handed. This helps me when looking at the auric field.  It goes without saying that I follow strict confidentiality and privacy.


Only so much can be covered in a reading so it is best to choose just one area, it could be health, work, soul purpose, relationships. And be clear in your mind what your question really is.


Ethically, I cannot snoop on others or give information about someone else. I can however look at how you are relating to them.


Don’t necessarily expect the reading to tell you what you want to hear. I have to give the information as it comes. It may not always be what you are expecting, but in time most clients realise that it was what they needed.